We regrettably postpone the show due to the coronavirus pandemic. But we’ll be back next year, bigger and better than ever!


2011 – We are poised for our 50th Show let’s make it a memorable one! 2012 – We say thank you and goodbye to Joan Swan as Director. 2013 – We welcome Darrell Shuck as our new Director! 2014 –…

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2000 – Things improve but we put the Show on at Collegiate High School. 2001 – Back to the Winter Gardens where we pay tribute to Anne Hornby who, sadly passed away and we have a trophy in her memory, the second name to…

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1991 -Drummer changes twice in a year and ends up with Phil Wheatley. 1992 – We return, again to the Winter Gardens. 1995 – The gang pays tribute to our Director John Rowland who, sadly passed away, he’s the first to be remembered on the…

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1980 – We move to a new theatre, the ABC. 1981 – The ABC closes! And we step up to the mighty Opera House and 3000 seats to occupy! Anne Hornby becomes our general secretary. 1982 – 21st anniversary Show and…

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1970 – Change again to E.M.I. Winter Gardens, large theatre on a tight budget. 1972 – We move, yet again to the Grand Theatre for one year only. 1973 – Back to the Winter Gardens and we stay a while…7…

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1962 – First Show at Dean Street Memorial Hall. 1964 – Move to larger Jubilee Theatre above the Co-op. Model of a plane flown onto stage. 1966 – Pennants are given out as a souvenir to the Gang for the…

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